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How Donate Fruit School Fundraising Works

The Donate Fruit® school fundraising program is a simple and healthy way to earn money for your school and also give back to your community. Donate Fruit® gifts not only taste good, and are good for you, they also do good deeds! With every fruit gift purchased, your school will receive 20% of the total profits AND Donate Fruit® Cause will donate an equal amount of fresh fruit, pound for pound, to food bank networks across America! We hand pick and pack our finest, gourmet fruit for our premium fruit gifts and deliver them to you, fresh in our signature gift boxes.

Frequently asked Q's & A's


Schools will have the opportunity for each student to pre-sell fresh fruit gifts to individuals, family members & businesses in your area. We recommend children sell only to friends & family, and/or have an adult present if selling to others. Completed order forms will be collected by a staff member (or volunteer/parent) and entered into our online website or faxed to Donate Fruit®. Pre-sold gifts will be delivered in bulk to the participating schools and each student will hand-deliver the fruit gifts to the individual purchasers. Shipping to buying customers may be a consideration under your school fundraising plan; please ask for this feature if desired (shipping rates can be provided.) Donate Fruit® will arrange for an equal amount of fruit to be donated and delivered to your food bank. Your school will receive payment at the end of the fundraiser…along with the total amount of pounds of fresh fruit donations! Together, we can teach children to choose healthy foods, financially boost our education systems and feed families in need.

We care about the communities where we live and work, and believe everyone should have access to fresh fruit, a vital part of a nutritious diet. That’s why we are doing our part to fight hunger with our Donate Fruit® School Fundraising program. We commit to match every gift you purchase, pound for pound, with a donation of fresh fruit to food banks that feed hungry families.

For the past 100 years, the Naumes family has been committed to growing quality fruit for generations to enjoy. As one of the largest family owned and operated pear growers in the world, we take great pride in the quality pears we produce. When you buy a gift from our family, you can be assured that you are getting the very best that nature has to offer, while earning money for your school and supporting needy families in your own community.


Donate Fruit®
School Fundraising Program
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*This program is offered in the Continental United States and will operate October – February



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